Life hacks, products, and other things I’m in love with right now!

  • this 1 hour bread recipe. I add in another couple tablespoons of sugar and some chocolate swirl with a second rise to turn it into a sweet breakfast bread, but it’s a great recipe for halfway through the afternoon when I know I want fresh bread for dinner!
  • All things N.K. Jemisin. I picked up The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms a couple of months ago and have fallen in love with her words, her worlds, and everything else about her writing!
  • this oil cleanser. I had gotten used to the tight, dry feeling of my skin after it was washed, so it took some time to get used to using an oil instead. But my skin is so much healthier, and this stuff is super cheap.
  • this set of random name generators for SciFi writers. When you’re naming a ton of characters, it’s just easier to have a starting point!
  • this perfume from Mistral. I love anything rose, and anything lychee. It’s a match made in heaven!
  • this aptly named “best balsamic vinaigrette.” They aren’t lying. It’s fantastic.
  • …taking walks in the woods every day. Every year, I remember just how great it is to spend whole evenings doing mini walkabouts. Being surrounded by green is fantastic.
  • …flash frozen vegetables. What? Yeah, honestly, it’s so much easier to have precut, prewashed vegetables I can add to a meal easily. Plus, they’re easy to use to make baby foods. Plus, if you don’t eat them during the week, they don’t go bad.
  • …Hearthstone. I didn’t play a lot of PvP games growing up and I’ve found that video games have helped me with everything from social anxiety to my fear of failure and losing. Playing a couple of games of Hearthstone, learning new tactics, and trying out different deck builds is a great way to unwind!
  • …Golden Girls. I never saw it growing up and I’ve been doing a watch through over the past few months. I love it!