Oh, man. So Konmari has come and gone as a fad and I’m just getting around to it. Honestly, one of the things I liked best about it when people told me they were doing it (…eons ago) was that you thanked items for their service before letting them go. I relentlessly anthropomorphize things, which is just one of many, many reasons I find it difficult to let go of them.

Well, I got rid of 2 gigantic bags of things. Shirts, sweaters, on and on and on – and I still have too much stuff.

Phase 2 is that I have my pants and my shirts stacked up, and I’m just going to use whatever item is on top that day (assuming the colors don’t clash). If I don’t want to wear it? It’s going away.

I do feel a lot lighter without that stuff, though. I wasn’t wearing it, I wasn’t using it, and a lot of it was new and really well made, including some business stuff. Hopefully, someone finds it who can use it!

Has anyone else been on a decluttering spree lately?


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