Be Gentle With Yourself

Today, at the end of a mad scrabble to meet one of my friends on time, she handed me a cup of tea and asked – with prescient good sense – how I was doing. I admitted that the morning had been terrible, quite frankly, and I was in what felt like a never-ending series of loops of bad thoughts and events regarding jobs, relationships, and everything.

“It’s not you,” she said. “Or, rather, it’s not just you. I swear, the universe seems to be shitting on everyone right now. Everyone is calling me, saying their life is going to hell.”

So, if you’re stuck in whatever wave this is with me (and, apparently, all of her friends), here are some things you can do:

  • try to get even 5 minutes of outside time today. Vitamin D is a mood booster
  • try having a good cry and forcing yourself to say out loud the absolute worst thing that could happen from here – saying out loud that you’re worried about the total ruin of your life tends to be, actually, paradoxically comforting, as your brain can then come up with many ways that is unlikely to occur
  • try making a list of things you have to do, and/or things that are going wrong and ways to fix them. Listing makes it discrete and able to be filed away from an emotional miasma
  • seek out the comfort of friends, be they in the real world or in your favorite books, movies, or video games
  • try, try, try to be gentle with yourself and with others
  • ask for help. Your life is going to hell and you just need an hour to yourself but there are kids and a spouse and – ask for help, be it with a spouse or a babysitter or a friend. Your work is going to hell and you don’t know what to do? Ask for help – advice, aid on a project, whatever it might be

Be well, my dears. I hope you’re not a part of this wave or crap – or, if you are, that it passes quickly!


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