It’s important to show backsliding, so: today I disregarded all of my own advice. I didn’t make sure to stretch. I didn’t make sure to drink enough water. I worked into the evening, skipping dinner. Accordingly, I now have a big headache and I’m losing vision in my right eye.

I don’t know quite why I do this, although I know that I feel better about myself when I’m overworked than when I’m working a reasonable amount. But I’m trying to work on that (…reasonably).

In short, however: knowing the consequences of your actions doesn’t preclude you from doing stupid things. You’ll backslide sometimes, and I think it’s important for people (especially people writing blog posts telling others to shoot for the moon) to be honest about struggling to be the people they want to be in the world. Sometimes we fail at being nice to ourselves. All we can try is to do better.


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