What it Looks Like to Freelance

Today, I ran through a monthly/bimonthly process, looking for work. I have a few recurring jobs, and with royalties changing each month, some months I don’t need to look for other work. Every once in a while, however, I either know I’ll be having a down month with royalties, unexpected expenses come up, etc.

The first thing to remember about freelancing is to avoid burnout and not take jobs that will drain you for little return. The filters I set when I check on job sites will automatically filter out most of the jobs. Working for $2-3/hour is feasible in some parts of the world, but not where I am. I generally search for flat-rate jobs and do a calculation of hours I need to make the job work for me. If you’re mixing freelancing with a startup business, it won’t help you to get more jobs that don’t pay well – you’re sucking valuable energy away from your own work, and injecting misery in as well.

One of the other things about freelancing is being flexible. There are a few job categories I browse because I’m already good at them. There are also job categories I browse to see if anything looks interesting, or like something I could get good at. Often, I’ll play around with basic exercises online in whatever the area is. The more skills you have, the more adaptable you are.

The last thing to consider is pay schedules. When you start with a new freelancing site, make sure you know when the money is coming in. One of my freelancing sites got absorbed into another, and there was a month of total chaos. Nobody needs that. Just figure it out so you aren’t letting unnecessary stress into your life.

It really is that simple. Three main things to look for, a few extra or different jobs here or there. Questions? Let me know!



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