On Inspiration that Doesn’t Resonate

“More than intelligence or persistence or connections, curiosity has allowed me to have the life I wanted.” -Brian Grazer


Recently, I got a magazine that came with several perforated cards I could punch out that had inspirational quotes on them. One, about the importance of showing up (integral to success), really resonated with me. Another, about the power of curiosity, didn’t really – but I kept it in any case. It occurred to me, as I stared at it, that perhaps the inspirational quotes that don’t resonate with us have the most to teach us. After all, the ones that do resonate tend to be things we already knew on some level.

Let’s talk about the truisms that guide my life right now: that it’s showing up time and again, not hitting a home run every time you show up, that is the area where most people fall down on their dream; that you need to push, work, and hustle to be successful; that you have remarkable power to transform your life. I know these values. I live these values every day.

I’m also beginning to learn their limitations. You don’t have to show up to every project – you need to learn to say no sometimes, especially to yourself. Not every issue can be pushed through – sometimes, projects just aren’t for you. While you have remarkable power to transform your life, it is entirely possible to give everything you have, perform to the best of your ability, and still fail.

But what if I took the advice that I didn’t already know? What if I spent the coming week being guided by the advice that seemed strange rather than the advice I already knew? The answer is, as it always is: something new.

Apparently, for me, this week is about curiosity 😉 What’s it about for you?


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