Weekly Roundup: April 18th-22nd

What a week!

We started out the week with a gorgeous poem.

Tuesday brought an impromptu post about why millenials are leaving the workforce (no, it’s not laziness).

Wednesday’s guest post was from legal strategy consultant, stay-at-home father, and all-around awesome Christian from Catamount Strategies.

…aaaaand we wrapped up the week with a look at why we’re so freaking terrified to have kids.

Other great things on the web this week:

  • It wouldn’t be a proper round-up of the week without an acknowledgement of the artist we lost this week. As a transplant to Minnesota, I was fascinated to hear so many stories from people who ran into Prince in coffee shops, record stores, and more. First Ave, the club Prince truly lifted into the spotlight, held a series of all-night dance parties from Thursday through Sunday.
  • Artists have a profound impact on our lives, and Prince had a particularly profound impact on many black youth. Recommended reading especially for those, like me, who saw themselves everywhere in the media growing up.
  • Please, please, please, if you are considering a traditional publishing deal, know your rights.
  • I went to the loveliest birthday party today. Every year, my friend makes some appetizers, buys some bubbly and some club soda, and has her friends over for a no-gift afternoon of mingling. If you’re feeling like you have too much stuff in  your life, this might be a great way to celebrate!
  • I enjoy kale, but many people do not. I’m going to keep offering tasty kale dishes I find, though, because in my experience, the easiest way to convert people on food issues is to give them tasty thing. So how about this lovely kale caesar salad?
  • …or make a cake of crepes. (I love this blog. I love it, I love it.)
  • Reading this week: Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It (I still haven’t read Eat Pray Love, but the stories are fascinating); Help Thanks Wow; and The Wildwood Way.

What is everyone else reading/enjoying/looking forward to?



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