Weekly Roundup: April 11th-15th

Hello, all!

The week started off with a post about anxiety and depression. To quote Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half, in a post I cannot seem to find, it may seem really uncomfortable to laugh at some of the things I say in that post, but I hope you do anyway. Depression is serious, but, much like Kim Jong Un, it hates when you laugh at it.

We continued on with a lovely guest post from Emily of Em Bakes. I really, really suggest reading (or re-reading!) this post. I really think that we approach hobbies in a strange way, very all-or-nothing, and this can hold us back from getting involved and having the simple pleasure of a life filled with things we enjoy. I want to showcase people here who have identified their priorities and are living them!

Finishing off the week, Friday’s post had a list of things I’ve been reading. Enjoy!

A few scattered things from life and around the web:

  • I’m having an all-out brawl with website coding right now, so if you’d like to sign up for the mailing list and just get a weekly digest emailed to you, there’s…not a widget for that. You can just follow this link, however!
  • This is the summer I’m going to learn how to cook with greens, I swear. Not just kale and collard greens, either – carrot greens, leek greens…tons of things! Send me your favorite recipes!
  • Some of you may know that one of the things I’m writing right now is…a video game! Holy crap. And we have a Kickstarter. AND IT’S ALL FUNDED. However, it’s still running for 20 days, so if you want to pick up an early-access key on Steam, or any other awesome add-ins (signed books! Posters! Hoodies!) head on over to check it out!
  • For authors who follow Blake Snyder’s story beats from Save the Cat, there’s a delightful, colorful new visualization for you to fill in!
  • For those of you who love storytelling and/or Star Wars, I highly recommend that you watch the special features on the Force Awakens DVD. Every person in there just oozes with appreciation for the impact that stories have in our lives. Not only that, every one of them is hands-down an amazing, dedicated artist. Very inspiring!
  • New faves? My Cullen Rutherford tea – an amazing birthday present!

Hooray! Happy weekend!


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