What I’m Reading

What am I reading all over the web?

this amazing page from this year’s Mann Booker Prize winner, Marlon James. Follow. Learn.

this lovely collection of short stories. For those of you who don’t yet read SciFi, I do encourage you to try it reading some this year. Forget what you’ve been told about SciFi not teaching us about the world. It does – sideways. Contact me if you want some recommendations!

this lovely blog, which I am still working through the archives of.

this absolute freaking dream of amazing journalism. Go read it right now.

this take on why the Shannara Chronicles failed while Game of Thrones took off

this book about burning out and re-finding a passion

this book, which shows me how Kim Stanley Robinson came to be known as one of the greats

this latest entry in the Mandrake Company series. Ruby Lionsdrake, also known as Lindsay Buroker, not only writes awesomely fast-paced, funny SciFi romances, she also has a lot of amazing tips for indie authors over on her blog.

one of the best twitter feeds to come out of The Force Awakens

this article, which I don’t really agree with, but which provides tons of food for thought

and this one. Also not sure I agree entirely, but there’s lots to think about here with the future of information on the internet

What are you reading?


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