Taking a day to plug one of my absolute favorite things: Habitica. I adore it. ADORE it, I say. In my opinion, it is one of the best examples of technology making life better.

The what: Habitica turns your to-do list into a game – in this case, an RPG.

The how: You enter tasks, choose the difficulty, and tick them off as you get done – kind of like a normal to do list, except in this case you get points. And points lead to adorable pets, things like bears and tigers you can ride, and cool clothes to wear.There are three types of tasks.

  1. First, dailies. You can mark these by days of the week, so if Sunday is your house-cleaning day, you can have separate daily tasks for that day, for each cleaning thing. Otherwise, things like eating a proper breakfast, taking a meditation break, and going to the gym. Whatever it is you want to do daily, or on some specified day of the month, put it here.
  2. Second, ad hoc tasks. You only need to do them once. The key here is to reward yourself for anything that is work TO YOU. So while some people might really enjoy going out to talk with random strangers at a friend’s party, I give myself points for it. I also give myself points for stopping work at a reasonable time or taking a break when I’m out of energy.
  3. Finally, habits. Things you want to do as often as possible but aren’t going to do every day. Basically, you want to give yourself a boost for doing the right thing whenever you do it. One of mine is going out for a little walk around the neighborhood, and another is sharing something interesting on my author page on Facebook.

The why: There are projects I would never have gotten through without Habitica. Why is it so rewarding to tick off ticky boxes and get points? I have no idea. All I know is, it works. And I have a pet golden seahorse. Seriously. Throw your “but I’m a responsible adult and shouldn’t need things like this” sense overboard and try it!

The where: Habitica works on your desktop, on iOS, and on android. It’s everywhere!

The cost: Habitica is free, but you can choose to support it either with money or with your skills (writing quests, basic coding, etc.). It’s given me so much that $5/month seems a piddly amount to give back, so I do. But, as with most apps I respect, you can use it to see if it’s for you before you hand over your money.

Go check it out!


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