Current Playlist

What’s on repeat on my playlist right now:

  1. Scream it Out by Ellie Goulding (new anthem)
  2. Monster by Imagine Dragons
  3. Tessellate by Alt-J (used to be Something Good, but I’ve been loving Tessellate lately)
  4. Final Test by Steve Jablonsky, from the Ender’s Game soundtrack
  5. Octahate by Ryn Weaver
  6. Gold by Kiiara (not the official video, but these DANCERS)
  7. Na Laetha Gael M’oige by Enya
  8. Deep Undercurrent by David Travis Edwards and Max Concors
  9. What’s Next by John Paesano, off the Scorch Trials soundtrack
  10. Making Water by Harry Gregson-Williams off the Martian soundtrack
  11. Ride by Twenty One Pilots
  12. Get Back by Ludacris (no apologies)

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